Alternative Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: a Brief Review!

PDE-5 Inhibitors as a Main Method of ED Treatment

In the modern medical practice there is a generally accepted approach to the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction. For a symptomatic treatment of ED in the majority of cases doctors prescribe oral medicines belonging to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. Since the discovery of Viagra in late 1990-es, these drugs have been used almost universally. According to medical statistics, PDE-5 inhibitors are effective in 90+ cases out of 100. Moreover, they are safe for health, well tolerated and cause only minor adverse effects. However, there are situations, when taking these medicines is impossible or unreasonable. For example, these are the following situations:

Alternative Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: a Brief Review!

  • Severe side effects or idiosyncrasy.
  • Strong allergic reactions to the components.
  • The drug isn’t effective (it happens very rarely).
  • A patient takes some medicines that are not compatible with PDE-5 inhibitors.
  • ED is caused by a physical trauma or defect of the penis.

There can be also some other cases, when PDE-5 inhibitors can’t be used. Then doctors together with patients have to look for alternative methods of ED treatment. Such methods exist, though with the discovery of sildenafil and other similar chemicals, most patients refused from them.

Alternative Methods of ED Treatment

Injections. Before oral medicines appeared,Alternative Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: a Brief Review! injections of vasoactive drugs were the most popular methods of ED treatment. These injections are made directly into the penis right before sexual activity. The vasoactive medication impacts blood vessels, providing blood inflow to the cavernous bode and causing erection. This method is effective and safe; it causes almost no side effects. However, the procedure itself is unpleasant and causes a lot of discomfort to men. Moreover, it should be done right before sexual activity, which is not very comfortable and obviously doesn’t add drive.

Vacuum therapy. The method is based on the use of a special pump, which created a negative pressure in the cavernous body of penis, due to which blood rushes to it and erection occurs. To prevent outflow of blood, a special ring is put on the root of penis. After reaching erection, a man can make sex for up to 30 minutes. This method has an average efficiency and a number of disadvantages: it can’t be hidden from a partner, ejaculation can be painful due to a constrictive effect of the ring, and there can be ecchymosis on the penis left.

Surgery. Thanks to a high efficiency of medication therapy, surgery in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is used very rarely. In fact, it is used only when conservative therapy doesn’t give any result. The efficiency of this method is about 50%, and it is effective mostly in young patients.

Alternative Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: a Brief Review!

Finally, using implants is a cardinal method, which is prescribed as a last resort. It helps to restore the rigidity of the penis with artificial implants. But both patients and doctors agree to this variant very rarely.

To sum it up, medication method of treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence is the simplest, the safest and the most popular as of today. PDE-5 inhibitors, used as oral drugs, are effective in 80-90 percent of cases irrespective of the patient’s age and cause of ED. In addition, they are safe, have few side effects and don’t cause any discomfort to the partners. They can be used at any time quickly and without drawing much attention. That is why, they are sought after by men all over the world.