Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Methods of Its Treatment

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by different, internal and external factors. The causes of the disorder are usually divided into two, large groups: psychogenic and organic. What do both groups include? Let’s see.

Psychogenic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

• Stress, depression, chronic fatigue. When a man has to live under constant pressure, his health inevitably suffers. The sexual sphere is one of the most vulnerable ones, so it often suffers first. So, a weak erection can be an indicator of general fatigue.
• Fear of sexual relations. Fears can be reportable or subconscious. For example, reportable fears can be based on an unsuccessful, previous experience. And subconscious fears are often associated with various, psychological traumas from childhood.
• Difficulties with personal or family relations. Misunderstandings, different views regarding a sexual life with partners, divorce, and unfaithfulness of the partner – all of this often leads to problems with sexual power.

Organic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

• Anatomic defects of genitals, the inborn, physiological inability of reaching erection. This is usually referred to as impotence and requires operative treatment. Such defects are extremely rare.
• Low testosterone levels. This type of ED is usually accompanied with low libido and overall passivity.
• Obesity, high cholesterol levels, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, lack of activity, unhealthy nutritional habits. It is evidenced by numerous researchers that overweight men have problems with potency much more frequently.
• Cardiovascular and heart problems. The quality of an erection primarily depends on the quality of the blood circulation. If there are problems with blood vessels, an erection cannot be perfect.
• Chronic diseases of the inner organs, especially the kidneys and liver. Men with chronic, kidney disease almost always have problems in their sexual lives.
• Various diseases of the urogenital system as well as sexually transmitted diseases.
• Some endocrine diseases, for example, diabetes.

Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The choice of the adequate method of ED treatment will depend largely on its cause. Sometimes it’s enough just to eliminate the cause of the disorder. In other cases, medication treatment is required. Also, there are situations where only surgery can help. For example, if the disorder of erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems, a health specialist can prescribe a course of psychotherapy. Sometimes the therapy is conducted with a couple. If the cause is any physiological and/or psychological problem, to ease the symptoms doctors prescribe PDE-5 inhibitors, such as Viagra. This is a universal drug which is effective in 80 percent of cases. Its main advantages include: safety, reliability, and high effectiveness. Also, it can be replaced by generics of Viagra without a prescription.Finally, when medication treatment can’t be used for some reason, operative treatment is required. Such cases are very rare, and surgery operations are conducted in exceptional cases only.