Everything you need to know of sexual stimulation and arousal in men

Types of sexual stimulation

The proverb says that men love with their eyes. And this is true! Men have three inborn reflexes that in most cases cause a sexual reaction in the form of sexual arousal. And the first of them is a reaction to a visual image. Men love to look at women, especially at lips, knockers, and buttocks. Subconsciously they associate them with genitals. The process of sexual arousal usually starts in the head, when a man is looking at a pretty girl. The second type of sexual stimulation is a physical stimulation of the penis. Usually, it occurs during the sexual intercourse and enhances arousal. And the third innate reflex is the reaction to physical contact. Men get aroused when they touch a naked female body with their fingers. And the entire body-to-body contact makes this arousal even stronger. Apart from innate reflexes, there are some acquired reflexes. For example, man can react to certain scents, sounds, clothes, and another external stimulus. Sexual stimulation can be of different types, but in any case, it is a crucial integral part of sexual intercourse.

The mechanism of sexual arousal

The process of sexual arousal is rather complicated. To get aroused a man basically needs two things: sex drive (libido) and sexual stimulation. Sex drive means a man’s desire to make sex. If a man wants it, if he is ready for it, then he will react the sexual stimulus in a proper way. But if a man doesn’t want sex at all, sexual stimulation alone is not enough.

Sexual arousal starts in the head. The brain sends a signal to muscles and vessels via the nervous system. Muscles located in the walls of certain blood vessels receive the signal and get relaxed. The blood flow rushes to the pelvis organs, and the spongy body is filled up with blood. The penis gets longer, thicker and harder. This process is known as erection. The result of a healthy men’s sexual arousal is always a good erection. As soon as the penis is firm enough, the man is ready for sexual intercourse.

When something goes wrong

Sometimes it can happen so that sexual arousal does not result in an erection, despite an adequate sexual stimulation. It can happen for different reasons even in healthy men. For example, a man can be too nervous and cannot get relaxed. Or he is too much tired. Of course, there can be more serious cases, such as organic disorders, chronic diseases and improper functioning of some inner organs or system. When inability of reaching and maintaining erection occurs on a regular basis, doctors usually treat it as erectile dysfunction. The treatment of ED usually consists of two parts: eliminating the cause of the disorder and ease of symptoms. If searching for the cause and its eliminating can require much time, symptomatic treatment brings results almost immediately. The best-known drug for ED treatment is Viagra, which helps to ease the symptoms of the disorder and reach erection in 30 minutes after taking a pill. So you should definitely buy Viagra without a prescription.