Facts about sexual abstinence and its influence on the men’s health

Is sexual abstinence dangerous?

Sex is one of essential needs of human beings, their call of nature. Sexual instinct is one of the strongest, and we must reckon with it. By the way, the popular belief that the need for sexual relations in men is higher than in women is groundless. It is caused by religious, cultural and historical views to the role of women, rather than knowing their physiology. For maintaining psychological and physical health both males and females need sex equally. And the frequency of sexual contact will depend on individual needs and temper. At the same time, women suffer from lack of sexless, if they have to spend much energy on motherhood: delivering and breeding children.

How does lack sex influences men’s health

Sexual abstinence has a negative influence on men’s health. Long abstinence can cause such disorders as prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, premature ejaculation and others. The older a man is, the more difficult it is to restore his sexual function after a long period of abstinence. Lack of sex is the cause of hormone changes in the man’s organism, which in turn often leads to body weight gain, problems with skin, psychological discomfort and various disorders. Lack of regular sexual life has a negative impact on the men’s mentality. A man becomes apathetic and passive; he loses interest in life. Men suffering from lack of sex often get depressed. Occasionally, lack of satisfactory sexual relations with a woman can even cause a change of sexual orientation in men.

Reasons for sexual abstinence and ways out

The most frequent reason for sexual abstinence in young men is a lack of normal permanent relations with a woman. At the same time, young men are more inclined to uncontrolled sexual behavior, change of sexual partners and sexual experiments. So, for a young man, it is a kind of a norm. But as a man grows older, regularity and stability in sexual life become more important than experimenting. In adult men having a permanent partner the reasons of sexual abstinence can be the following:

• Low libido. If sex drive is getting worse and worse; if you don’t want sex at all, and if you often feel depressed, check testosterone level, because it can be the reason.
• Lack of mutual understanding in a couple, problems in personal relations, lack of adequate sexual stimulation. If your partner and you have a too different temper, or if you fail to understand each other again and again, think, maybe it’s time to consult a specialist. Psychotherapy combined with a good rest and openness towards each other can help to resolve the problem.
• Problems with potency. Erectile dysfunction is a widespread sexual disorder in men living in the 21st century. Partially, it is associated with the lifestyle of a modern man. Fortunately, modern medicine has effective and progressive solutions to this delicate issue. The best-known of them is Viagra – a safe and reliable drug with minimum side effects. Viagra can be used by men of any age irrespective of their state of health and the cause of the disorder.