Viagra FAQ

1. Does Viagra help to cope with premature ejaculation?
Viagra itself doesn’t delay ejaculation. However, it slightly reduces the sensitivity of penis, so you can last a little longer with it. Also it reduces the time between two intercourses, So you need less time to restore erection and go on with it.

2. I am 18. Can I try Viagra?
Viagra is not intended for teenagers younger than 18. In your case, if you have no special medical prescription, you are not recommended to take it. Viagra is a serious drug, and taking it just for fun is not a good idea, really.

3. I have a good erection. Will Viagra make it better?
Viagra is not an aphrodisiac and not a stimulator. If your erection is perfect without it, you will see no difference after its taking. But you can take a pill if you feel too nervous about the forthcoming dating, for example. But don’t do it too often.

4. I am 56, and I’ve had no sex for 6 years. Is it too late to take Viagra?
Viagra can be taken at any age. But such a long sexual abstinence, of course can’t stay unnoticed. Now sex can be a real stress for you heart. So, be careful, start with a smaller dosage (25 mg). If everything is ok, the dosage can be increased to 50 mg.

5. How many pills of Viagra per day can I take?
Viagra as well as any other drug of PDE-5 inhibitors must not be taken more than once in 24 hours. Even if there is no desired effect, don’t take another pill. Wait until tomorrow. And keep in mind that it can work only after 2 or 3 days of taking.

6. Does Viagra increase sexual desire?
Viagra has no impact on libido. It improves the physiological ability of reaching and maintaining erection. For its effect, two conditions are required: sex drive and an adequate sexual stimulation. No sex drive – no erection. No stimulation – no erection again.

7. What is generic Viagra? Is it counterfeit?
Generics are produced officially by many pharmaceutical companies. They contain the same active ingredient as the original drug and have the same effect and the same contraindications. They usually are much cheaper than the brand-name Viagra, because they are made by side manufacturers.