Men’s Failures: Why Do They Occur, and How Can They Be Prevented!

From the moment of sexual debut till their olden years, all men from time to time think of a possible failure in bed. But when it happens, no one is prepared for it. Common feelings for men in such a situation are: frustration, anxiety, fear, and rage. Some men feel a real panic and start looking for where to buy Viagra online, while others sink into a depression. But is there always a reason for panic? Let’s try to find out.

Men’s Failures

What Is It?

First of all, it is important to understand what has happened. The inability of executing an erection for sexual intercourse can be:

  •  a single, accidental failure;
  •  erectile dysfunction.

A single failure can occur for different reasons. The most common of them are: anxiety, tiredness, stress, fatigue, depression, lack of proper, sexual arousal, problems in relations, and some other mainly psychologic factors. If it was only once, just don’t pay much attention to it. If it happens from time to time and especially if it is accompanied by a reduced libido, consult a health specialist – a sexologist or a psychiatrist. The therapy, in this case, can include: a full night’s rest, a complete change of scenery, psychotherapy, meditation, or even hypnosis depending on the situation. At the same time, usually there is no need for special drugs like Cialis or Viagra.  In most cases, erection is successfully restored without medication therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction

Men’s Failures

Erectile dysfunction is not equal to any sexual failure. It is a real disorder that requires medical treatment. This diagnosis is determined by a specialist based on a set of symptoms. Common symptoms of ED include an inability of getting a firm erection in spite of a strong, sexual desire and arousal. Another symptom, which you should be aware of, is a sudden, cessation of an erection during sexual intercourse. Finally, symptoms of ED may involve a partial or complete lack of physiologic erections at night time and in the morning. As a general rule of thumb, if about 30 percent of all your attempts result in a failure, visit a doctor and tell him that you suspect erectile dysfunction. ED is treated with medicines like Viagra, and you even have a chance for getting a coupon for Viagra from the manufacturer as a newcomer.


Impotence, in turn, is not equal to erectile dysfunction. It is a more, serious disorder, which involves a complete, physiologic inability of erection reaching and maintaining. It is an incurable condition, though a symptomatic treatment with PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra or any alternative to Viagra) is possible.

Is It Possible to Prevent Failures in One’s Sexual Life?

Men’s Failures

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that you’ll never encounter problems in bed. Reasons for erectile dysfunction and simply, accidental failures are too diverse. So you can never know for sure whether it will affect you.

However, you can minimize the risk of the disorder:

  • quit bad habits;
  • control your body weight;
  • participate in sports;
  • eliminate junk food, choose healthy dieting;
  • have sex regularly;
  • avoid stresses.

If, despite all the preventive measures, you are faced with symptoms of ED, don’t be embarrassed to consult a health specialist. There is nothing shameful in your situation. Thousands of men encounter this problem sooner or later.