Myths or Working Practices for Sex Enhancement – Truths About Popular Beliefs!

There are some curious and even funny myths that have been surrounding the delicate sphere of sexual life for years. Today, few people really believe in stuff like “men with big sex organs are big lovers,” or “masturbation causes impotence,” “generic Viagra is not a drug, but a supplement.” But there are still some popular beliefs that make people do strange things in order to enhance sexual performance. These myths are frequently confused with real facts, evidenced by scientific research. Let’s try to distinguish myths from truths.

Popular Statements About Sex Performance and Expert Opinions

1. “If I take in a lot of aphrodisiacs, I’ll be a super lover.” Men often believe that if they consume a lot of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs, they’ll boost their sexuality. However, aphrodisiacs do not influence erection or stamina. They are taken to enhance sex drive alone. Moreover, experts still don’t know for sure whether popular “men’s” foods really increase their sex drive. Yes, many of them (for example, oysters) contain tons of ingredients that have undisputable health benefits. But the effect of these products on libido needs further research. Meanwhile, there are certain, herbal supplements also known as natural Viagra alternatives that really have a positive effect on the sex drive.

2. “Wearing diapers by kid boysMyths or Working Practices of Sex Enhancement and tight pants by adult men can cause impotence.” Today it is proven that this popular belief is just a myth. Erectile dysfunction is usually a result of a disturbed circulation in the pelvic organs, but not in the penis itself. The penis is filled with blood only when it is erected. However, men should really be cautious about wearing tight underwear in order to prevent their testicles from overheating. If the temperature of the testicles is higher than normal, the sperm cells are damaged and a man can become infertile.

3. “G-spot exists… or not?” A hypothetic G-spot in women isMyths or Working Practices of Sex Enhancement debated even more than Viagra for women. While some women claim that they’ve found it, and even can explain in details where it is located, others are convinced that it is a myth. As for expert opinion, the latest research didn’t confirm the G-spot’s existence. Specialists say that it can be just two different types of orgasms – clitoral and vaginal.

4. “Masturbation can lead to impotence.” This is one of the most consistent myths of all times. In different times and in different cultures, people believed that masturbation caused various disorders – from impotence to blindness. Nowadays, scientists can say for sure that this is just a myth. If you masturbate often, it doesn’t mean that in the future you’ll be able of making sex only with a Canadian pharmacy with Viagra. Moreover, masturbation has apparent health benefits for some people, for example, for those who for some reason don’t have sexual partners.

Some Proven Facts About Sexual Enhancement

Along with numerous superstitions, there are true, scientifically proven facts regarding sexual performance. If you need a real enhancement in bed, you can try these techniques safely and with a guaranteed result.

  • Cardio exercises increase stamina and improve erection. Sex in terms of physical loads can be compared with cardio training. You do active movements, breathe deeper that normally, and your heartbeat rate almost doubles. To last longer in bed you need to have a trained cardio muscle.
  • Sexual thoughts help to boost sex drive and make orgasm stronger. If you need some warming up before sex, prepare for it in advance. Relax and stop thinking about work and other unimportant things. Close your eyes and try to imagine sexual scenes. You may even look through some porn photos or videos for inspiration. Such preparation will distract you from everyday problems and turn your mind to making sex.