Some Unobvious Reasons of ED That You Could Miss: Treatment Without Drugs!

Classification of ED Reasons

Any doctor, specializing in men’s health, would say that erectile dysfunction is usually driven by two groups of reasons: physiologic and psychologic. While everything is more or less clear with physiologic factors (at least, they can be diagnosed), psychologic reasons are often unobvious even to a specialist. To discover a particular reason, a patient often needs the help of several specialists and has to collaborate with them in order to clear up the whole picture.

What Are the Unobvious Reasons for ED?

Some Unobvious Reasons of ED That You Could Miss: Treatment without Drugs!

If you have all of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but doctors say that you are healthy from a physiologic point of view, consider the following variants for the possible ED reason:

  • Fatigue, tiredness, burned out. Do you spend hours at a computer every day? Or maybe you don’t get enough sleep? Do you remember when you had a real, deep rest the last time? It’s high time to take a vacation! Very often, a trivial, eight-hour sleep plus change of scenery can work magic! There is even no need to go somewhere to a remote island (though if you have such an opportunity, it’s great anyway). You can stay at home. Just have enough sleep several nights in a row, eat healthy food, take a walk in the park two hours a day. The result will be not slow to arrive!
  • Unsuccessful sexual experience. Some men take their failures too close to heart. After one accidental failure, such a man can unconsciously avoid new, sexual contacts. And when it comes to sex, he just can’t reach erection, but not because of physiologic problems, but because he is anxious. This anxiety is stronger than his sex drive. Every new failure makes the problem only worse, which can finally lead to complete impotence. If you can’t cope with this sort of problem by yourself, consult a sexologist or a psychotherapist.
  • You choose an improper time, or your personal biorhythm doesn’t match with your partner’s biorhythm. As a general rule of thumb, it is believed that morning is the best time for engaging in sex as the testosterone level reaches its peak value at this time of day. But all the people are different: there are early-risers and late-risers. Try to vary the time of day for making sex – sometimes it works.
  • Problems in relationships. A reduction of the sex drive and potency is a common problem in men whose relationships with their other half are far from being perfect. Try to answer some questions honestly for yourself. Do you still love your partner? Are you sure she loves you? Are you jealous? Or maybe there is much misunderstanding between your partner and you? A possible solution is a group consultation with a psychotherapist.

Is It Possible to Treat Psychogenic ED with Drugs?

It is considered that traditional drugs for ED treatment, such as Viagra, are more efficient for eliminating symptoms of physiologic erectile dysfunction. For example, if ED is caused by a disturbed circulation, Viagra helps in 90 percent of cases, as its primary effect is stimulating blood circulation. However, in many cases of psychogenic ED, a pill of Viagra works as a placebo. A man believes in its force, and it really helps.

If you are uncertain of the reason for your erectile dysfunction, consult several specialists. Also, try to analyze your lifestyle and find your possible, risk factors. If the disorder is driven by non-physiologic causes, in many cases it can be treated without medications – by a simple correction of lifestyle and improving relations in the couple.