The Whole Truth About Alcohol and Its Influence on Erectile Function in Men.

Experienced lovers know that small doses of alcohol can improve sexual performance. A glass of your favorite drink helps youAlcohol and its Influence on Erectile Function to relax, removes anxiety and let’s you feel unfettered. Many men are so accustomed to having a couple of drinks before going to bed that they can’t imagine sex without alcohol. Meanwhile, this habit is rather disingenuous.

While really small doses of strong drinks are harmless, especially if they are used not every day, but, for instance, maybe twice a week. However, overdosing causes real damage to all aspects of one’s sexual life. Not only does it reduce the sensitivity of the entire body and of the penis in particular, but also decreases libido. In more serious cases alcohol abuse can cause erectile dysfunction and even impotence. By the way, alcohol is not compatible with sildenafil citrate. So even taking Viagra won’t help. Let’s examine in detail what negative effects alcohol has on men’s sexual lives.

Temporary Loss of Erection

It is proved nowadays that alcohol influences the brain, the nervous system, and the vascular system equally. In practice, this means that a signal from the brain to the muscles is transferred slower and is weaker. The process of sexual arousal slows down, and the blood inflow to the penis is reduced. In general, men under the influence need more time to get aroused and reach an erection, and it is more difficult for them to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. Frequently, drunk men simply can’t execute sexual intercourse at all because of a lack of ability of reaching an erection. Drugs like Cialis and Viagra don’t help in this situation, but they can increase the load on the heart and cause a drop in blood pressure.

Erectile Dysfunction

If a temporary loss of erection is not critical, the erectile function is restored as soon as the man gets sober. If erectile dysfunction is a long-term loss of erection, it will require a medication and behavioral treatment. Heavy alcohol consumption often leads to a loss of sex power and sexual desire. If the problem is not treated promptly, it can easily become complete impotence.

Problems in Relationships

If there are problemsAlcohol and its Influence on Erectile Function in relationships between the partners, alcohol will not resolve them but make them worse. If there are no problems, alcohol consumption will easily create them. Marital infidelity and conflicts of different types accompany excess drinking. Difficulties in bed only add to the problems of general instability. Sexologists and psychologists say that over 50 percent of alcohol addicts suffer from sexual disorders.

Loss of Sex Drive

Men, consuming much alcohol, often lose interest in their sexual life. As a result, they neither can nor want to engage in sex. While ED can be treated by OTC Viagra, a low libido is more difficult to treat. Decreasing libido is often associated with a hormone balance change. For example, drinking a lot of beer causes an increase in estrogen (female hormone) and a reduction of testosterone. Low testosterone is not treated with natural Viagra or other supplements. To normalize its level, one needs to completely revise his lifestyle and, of course, stop consuming alcohol.

Alcohol and its Influence on Erectile Function

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Men under the influence are much more inclined to engage in uncontrolled, sexual behavior. This is bad for his intimate life from both psychologic and physiologic aspects. The so-called one-night-stand is open to many hazards, including an increased risk of STD and undesired pregnancy. Drunk men often don’t care about contraception.

To sum it up, it is quite okay if you take small (really small) doses of high-quality alcohol before engaging in sex. It removes stress, boosts libido, makes you relaxed, and free of inhibitions. But don’t let this behavior grow into a bad habit. Keep in mind that alcohol addiction destroys your health and kills your intimate relationships. Remember that sober sex is not only safe, but it is much more enjoyable. Learn how to manage your stress and anxiety naturally, and you’ll never need any artificial stimulators, including alcohol.