Top Reasons for Low Libido in Men: Why Do We Lose Interest in Sex?

Low libido as a General Problem of Modern Men

Nobody’s going to argue with a statement that sex is a crucial component of men’s well-being. A lack of sex has multiple, negative effects. However, sometimes men have certain disorders that prevent them from living an exciting, sexual life fully. Over the last years, the situation has deteriorated, which is evidenced by statistics: more and more young men looking for free Viagra samples over the Internet. But sexual disorders include not only erectile dysfunction, which is successfully treated with Viagra. One of the widespread deviations is a loss of sexual desire or, in scientific terms, low libido.Top Reasons for Low Libido in Men

Top-8 Reasons for Low Libido in Men

1. Alcohol abuse/drugs. Though alcohol helps to relax and turn a person’s mind to having sex, overdosing suppresses the nervous system badly and reduces the sex drive. Alcohol abuse frequently causes a lowered production of testosterone, which is responsible for men’s sexuality. Needless to say that drug addiction kills libido and potency and destroys the entire reproductive system’s functioning.

2. Lack of sleep. Yes, such a trivial thing as not getting enough sleep impacts all aspects of sexuality in both men and women. Severe sleep deprivation causes an increase of cortisol levels in the blood and a reduction in testosterone. Moreover, a chronic lack of sleep is always associated with low energy, irritability, and an inability to relax, which is not good for sexuality as well.

3. Physiologically, stress is neither more or less a reaction to a threatening situation. Normally, a healthy human reacts to stress at a physiological level – by an increase of adrenaline and cortisol hormones in the blood. Severe or chronic stress leads to hormone imbalance, which results in libido reduction. In addition, when you are stressed, you turn the stressful situation over and over in your mind and just can’t focus on sex.

4. Experts say that both depression itselfTop Reasons for Low Libido in Men and anti-depressant drugs reduce potency and libido. According to statistics of some major, medical portals, men with depression or those who undergo treatment for depression purchase Viagra online much more frequently. Moreover, if a man is depressed, he is less excited about the forthcoming sex, especially if his depression is severe.

5. Medication therapy. Libido reducing can be a side effect of some medications. Usually, doctors warn about possible residual effects when prescribing a medicine, but you should keep in mind that different people react to one and the same drugs differently. Thus, sexual function of men (including erection and libido) can be influenced by some hypotensive medications and anti-depressant drugs.

6. Problems with self-esteem, fear of failure, or fear of being rejected. This is typical for young and inexperienced guys, as well as for men who consider themselves to be unattractive.

7. Potency problems. Erectile dysfunction can occur despite a healthy, sexual desire. However, within the course of time, a man, who regularly experiences problems with reaching an erection, can become anxious or depressed which can’t but negatively influence his libido.

8. Other health disorders.Truly saying, when a man has serious problems with his health, he usually doesn’t care about sex much. So, the reason for low libido in cancer patients or men with acute or chronic kidney disease is often purely psychologic. In addition, some disorders, such as HIV, kidney disease, or diabetes cause a testosterone decrease.

What Other Factors Can Decrease Libido in Men?

Sometimes low libido can be explained very simply. If a man, without serious health disorders, who lives a relatively, healthy lifestyle doesn’t indulge in stimulants and is in a relationship doesn’t want sex, the reasons can be the following:

  • Relationship troubles. Frequent scandals, offenses, or infidelity of a partner can destroy even the strongest relationship. Men are less emotional than women, so they keep their true feelings deep inside. However, problems leave their mark; they don’t just melt in the air. Potency and libido are functions that suffer first. Some men try to recover using special supplements, such as natural Viagra for men, but if the initial problem is not resolved, the supplements are useless.
  • Fatigue and a chronic lack of time. Tiredness, growing into fatigue and exhaustion, drives the thoughts far away from sex. If a man is concentrating on his work or business, thinking about work-associated problems again and again, he just has no time to relax and enjoy intimate life. A similar behavior pattern is also typical for researchers and scientists who are completely preoccupied with an idea. Many, great scientists were single as they didn’t care about this part of their life at all.

As you see, the reasons for libido reduction are numerous. If the problem of a lowered sex drive bothers you, try to find out what factors are causing it. Take time out, relax, get rest and enough sleep.  This can help to resolve the issue. In more serious cases, seek medical help.