Which Drugs and Other Stuff We Consume Have a Negative Effect on Potency.

Men’s potency is influenced by a great variety of external and internal factors. Among other things, the sexual power of a man depends on what he consumes. This category includes not only foods and drinks, but other stuff, such as medicines, food supplements, vitamins, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and so on. While some of them positively impact erectile function, others have a prominent negative effect on it.

Killers of Erection – What are They?

Probably, every man knows what bad habits kill an erection. They are alcohol and smoking. There is a common beliefNegative Effect on Potency that small doses of alcohol are good for health. Maybe there is a certain amount of truth in this statement, but it is necessary to understand clearly what a “small” dose is, what kind of drink it is, and how often you consume it.

The following sorts and doses are considered safe:

  • natural dry (or semi-dry) wine or high-quality cognac;
  • 1-2 glasses of wine/ 1 drink of cognac per day.

Such moderate doses of high-quality alcohol can really have a favorable effect on potency, acting like sildenafil (known as Viagra). Alcohol has a natural, vasodilating effect, which provides a better inflow of blood to the genitals.

However, increasing the recommended dose, you increase the risk of an adverse effect. UncontrolledNegative Effect on Potency consumption of alcohol destroys the liver, which in turn causes hormone imbalance. Alcohol has a negative influence on the heart and blood vessels, causing clot formation. Moreover, alcohol reduces sensitivity, which can cause problems with ejaculation.

However, while alcohol has at least minor benefits, smoking has no such benefit at all. It affects vessels badly, making them thinner, narrower, and more fragile. Disturbing the circulation inevitably leads to disorders of erectile function. Smoking kills potency. Smokers buy Cialis and Viagra much more frequently than non-smokers.

Medicines and Erection

Though erectile dysfunction as a side effect of particular drugs occurs quite rarely and commonly disappears after cessation of the course, men need to be aware of such a possibility. There are a few drugs that can cause real problems with men’s potency.

The first group of medicines that cause ED in men is neuroleptics that are applied in psychiatry. A prolonged ingestion of these medicines can cause disorders in the motor, cortical center, which is responsible for many motor functions of the body, including erection.

The second group of medicines that can affect potency is some types of hypotensive drugs (preliminary, old-gen ones). Examples of such medicines are Clophelin, Adelphan and some others. Today they are used very seldom. Some of the new-generation, hypotensive medicines can also cause ED. If a man notices problems with an erection after he started the course of high blood pressure treatment, he should ask his doctor to replace this drug with something else.

The third group of drugs includes drugs for the treatment of a gastric ulcer, belonging to H2 antagonists. An example of such medicine is Cimetidine. If taken too long, this drug causes a male, hormone imbalance and then impotence. Nowadays, this drug is considered to be old-generation, and it is almost everywhere replaced with more advanced analogues.

Also, one should be aware that some antidepressants can suppress sexual function. They reduce libido, and some of the drugs can cause erection problems. But in most cases, these symptoms go away as soon as the man stops taking the drug.

Preventive Measures

Different drugs affect our human organism differently. Anyway, one should keep in mind that there are no absolutely safe medicines. While side effects of some meds are minor and well tolerated, others cause serious, health problems.

To minimize the negative effects of medicines, adhere to their basic recommendations:

  • never take any drugs without a need;
  • don’t take a new or unfamiliar drug without a previous consultation with a health specialist;
  • don’t try to fight with the side effects by yourself. Some men try to resolve the problem of low potency by purchasing so-called herbal Viagra or other OTC remedies. But it’s not the best approach.

If you feel negative effects from taking drugs, inform your doctor. Hopefully you’ll be prescribed another medicine.

Of course, if you don’t want to face erectile dysfunction one day, quit smoking and drinking. These addictions cause nothing but numerous, health problems.